Letter writer Emma Noble with her partner Richard Kemp.
Letter writer Emma Noble with her partner Richard Kemp. Rowan Schindler

Caravan park owner asks why council 'swooped' on her?



I RUN a council leased caravan park in Gympie and am currently awaiting a court hearing with Gympie Regional Council later this month.

EARLIER LETTER: Park owner says council is intimidating, harassing her

In 2012 I signed a 30-year lease with GRC to develop the park and now after six years they are trying to terminate my lease. Their breach claims are based on some minor plumbing defects.

Nobody wants to have to go to court, especially against the wealth and might of a local government agency.

For the last 11 months we have spent over $50,000 defending ourselves from GRC. We have built a brand new house on site and are half way through renovating the amenities blocks but we haven't been able to secure a local plumber for the last six months. It seems like nobody wants to come near us in this town.

We are getting bad reviews on the internet because our resources are tied up as we fight to keep our livelihood. We have put everything we own into this endeavour and feel we have no choice but to go to court.

Since we started researching for court last year we have uncovered many unusual details about how GRC has been operating. The Mary Valley Rattler project has come under scrutiny because its budget has been raised several times, leaving Gympie residents wondering why they pay almost the same rates as the Noosa shire.

I want to see an investigation into the Gympie Regional Council because my family and I are completely at a loss to explain why it has swooped on us like this when the park had been operating beautifully for five years and we even won an award for customer service in 2015.

Emma Noble,



Australian cattle are loaded into a truck.
Australian cattle are loaded into a truck. AFP


IN 2003, veterinarian Dr Tony Hill described the horrors he'd witnessed two years earlier on board the live export vessel Al Khaleej.

CLICK HERE: 60 Minutes reveals live export horror

Although about 2000 sheep had died in searing heat, he was told by the ship's captain to report only 105 deaths.

Dr Hill said a build-up of damp manure had produced ammonia which turned the ship into a "gas chamber".

Sheep were leaning out of the ship and trying to throw themselves out through the bars, frothing at the mouth and then expiring.

If animals are still being subjected to these horrors -17 years on - clearly nothing will change until live export ends.

Jenny Moxham,

Monbulk, Victoria

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Accident corner of Bruce highway and Wide Bay highway.
Accident corner of Bruce highway and Wide Bay highway. Renee Albrecht


OUR federal member for Wide Bay, Llew O'Brien, is trying to drum up support for a petition for the last leg of the highway, a petition to his own government?

Well, I think I'm safe to say, no money will be forthcoming from the Turnbull government.

Opening of the new Bruce Highway Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O'Brien.
Opening of the new Bruce Highway Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O'Brien. Renee Albrecht

They're about to bring down the May budget which will also be the last one before the next election, they're not going to put a cent into Wide Bay because this is a safe National Party seat.

They will be throwing money at marginal seats and until we wake up and realise that, things will just go on as per usual.

So Llew, save your petition, start really fighting for Wide Bay.

Joan Gillies,


Editor's Note: The petition to fast track funding for completion of the Cooroy to Curra Bypass is actually a Gympie Times initiative, not Mr O'Brien's. Mr O'Brien is, however, passionate about stopping road trauma and has helped spread the word about The Gympie Times petition and to encourage Wide Bay residents who would like to see Section D built, to sign our online online or the printed version at various locations throughout the region.

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