VIDEO: Dental car crash 'sounded like a bomb'

UPDATE: A dentist and patient have escaped injury after a car drove through a large plate glass window into a Maroochydore surgery.

Paramedics were surprised that no one needed medical attention after a white sedan crashed through the front of Smile by Design dentist on Wises Rd about 3pm.

Palmwoods resident Alan Cavanagh had been waiting outside the surgery for his wife Greta's appointment to be completed when he heard a massive bang.

He thought it must have been a collision on the road but soon saw a car had smashed into the front of the surgery.

"Then I went straight into the dentist to see if my wife was alright," Mr Cavanagh said.

Mrs Cavanagh had been in a dentist's chair getting her teeth cleaned at the time.

She said she was lucky to be in a room next to the one damaged by the crash.

"It sounded like a bomb I suppose," Mrs Cavanagh said.

"I thought there was an explosion of some description and the building sort of shook a bit."

She said the assistant finished checking her teeth and she made her way out.

Police believed the woman driving the car may have accidentally put her car in drive rather than reverse.

A Smile by Design staff member said she expected the business would be trading as usual by tomorrow.

EARLIER: A white sedan has crashed into the front of Smile By Design dentist on Wises Rd, Maroochydore.

The vehicle smashed through the front window causing extensive damage.

Firefighters are currently assessing the building to ensure it is safe.

The driver is out of the car and receiving treatment from paramedics.


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