Truss wins largest margin

VICTORIOUS Wide Bay MP Warren Truss does not expect too many cuddles when he deals with the independents, including Bob Katter, in trying to negotiate a non-Labor government after the weekend federal election.

But votes beat cuddles any day in politics and Mr Truss received all the votes anybody needs, with a big swing towards him in an already safe seat and a majority so large he wishes he could give some of it to Coalition colleagues who just missed out.

But yesterday, Mr Truss did give out some of the cuddles, if not the votes, to the people of Wide Bay, including the opponents he described as “the most competent I’ve ever faced.

“I very much appreciate the confidence of the people of Wide Bay,” he told The Gympie Times yesterday.

“It’s the second largest margin I’ve ever had in Wide Bay, although that’s not really a fair comparison, because they keep changing the boundaries.

“The Labor candidate actually lives in the electorate, which has never happened before.

“And all of them presented themselves well and ran competent campaigns and I congratulate them.”

He said the election result had left Australia in a state of uncertainty “and that’s not good.

“The next government will have difficulty in Parliament and it will be probably more difficult to get legislation through the Senate.

“It will be difficult for the government to be decisive and to make the hard decisions that need to be made.

“One of the reasons people come to Australia and invest in a high cost and high wages country is this element of security and solidarity.

“I haven’t seen the share market, but I would be surprised if it hasn’t suffered.”

One Nation candidate Santo Ferraro thanked his supporters and said they had shown that “One Nation is still there, although the major parties tried to rub us out and the media assisted them.

“The major parties and the media have run anti-competitive practices and, happily now, we have three independents holding key positions in forming the government.

“We may now see some major reforms in all areas and I think the three independents will bring a more realistic approach.

“The big parties live in a world of their own and represent big corporate donors,” he said.

Family First’s Ken Herschell said he was pleased to have done so well “as a raw recruit.

“They only asked me to run four or five weeks before the election.

“I enjoyed it very much and meeting Warren Truss was quite a privilege.

“It’s a waste of money if we have to go back to the polls.”

Labor’s Nikolee Ansell said the election result was “a clear outcome for the two or three electorates around here.

“We got asked about rates, water charges – council and state issues

“We had a close look at swings against Labor in some seats and I think we can be proud of the result here, being up against Mr Truss, the leader of the Nationals.”

Greens candidate Jim McDonald was delighted with the vote, “16 per cent in Noosa and there were six booths with more than 20 per cent – Federal, Kin Kin and the rest of them in the old Noosa Shire area.

“The vote for the Greens increased by three to four per cent.

“There were two really significant increases, including in Maryborough north of the city, which I think was to do with the Aldershot coal mine and in Kin Kin we campaigned against a quarry there.

“I think the fishing campaign probably hurt us a bit, with our policies misrepresented, but I met lots of interesting people and some wonderfully resilient communities.”



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