Mos Burger store manager David Lin promotes the new store at Booval Fair Shopping Centre.
Mos Burger store manager David Lin promotes the new store at Booval Fair Shopping Centre. Claudia Baxter

Can new chain beat Maccas?

THE Japanese take on Australia's favourite fast food has arrived in Ipswich ready to tackle the Aussie market.

MOS Burger is Japan's second biggest burger chain behind McDonald's, and arrived in Booval Fair this week, opening its doors on Tuesday.

The Booval Fair store is the chain's fourth in Australia, with the first opening in Sunnybank last April.

This followed two stores on the Gold Coast, one in Surfers Paradise and the other in Australia Fair.

All three shops were opened in areas with high Asian populations, with the Booval Fair store set to test MOS Burgers appeal to a Caucasian market.

Project manager Vincent Cheng said there have been some interested passers-by.

"I think the difficult thing is in Asia everyone knows our branding, but in Australia a lot of people don't know about us. We chose Australia because it is a multi-cultural society," he said.

"The population and the location was ideal and the majority of the market is Aussie."

Store manager David Lin said the traditional Japanese sauces and customer service is what sets them apart from the burger restaurants Ipswich punters are used to.

"The difference between the burgers we provide is the good service. We welcome the customer, it's something from Japanese culture," he said.

The meals are cooked to order and Mr Lin said they tell customers the food, served in a paper wrapper, is best eaten within 10 minutes.

The chain has a long history in Japan and will celebrate its 40th anniversary in March.

MOS Burger is already established across a number of Asian countries, with 1700 stores in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Expansion for the brand has been high on the agenda within Australia, with a further 10 stores planned to open in Queensland by the end of the year.

Plans to open stores in Sydney and Melbourne are also in the works.

The store's official opening is tomorrow between 11am and 1pm.

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