Campsite argument prompts stabbing

A MAN allegedly stabbed during a row at a Tinnanbar campsite has admitted he threatened to slit his alleged attacker’s throat just two days prior.

Sean Keidge, 43, was allegedly stabbed on December 31, 2008, after an argument with 24-year-old Guboo Fraser over the wellbeing of a sea turtle.

Fraser has pleaded not guilty to grievous bodily harm in Hervey Bay District Court.

Mr Keidge told the court he didn’t remember what happened that day at the Log Dump camping ground, but woke up a week later in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital with “59 staples in my stomach”.

During his evidence, Mr Keidge admitted he’d had a run-in with Fraser two days before the alleged stabbing.

He said he and his mate Steven Vanderkyl had witnessed a sea turtle being caught at Kauri Creek and when Fraser “threw it on its back” and “put a rope around its neck”, he intervened.

He said he told Fraser: “If you touch the turtle again, I’m going to cut your f***ing throat.”

It is understood the turtle was released.

Keidge, who was on a fishing holiday with Mr Vanderkyl, admitted to having an axe, a tomahawk, a number of fishing knives and a “brand new chainsaw” at his campsite.

Defence barrister Paul Brown asked Mr Keidge if he spent most of the time being “drunk and abusive”, threatening other campers with the axe and making lewd comments to teenage girls.

Mr Keidge said he didn’t remember.

Mr Brown asked Mr Keidge if he recalled threatening to slit another man’s throat while he swam in the creek one day.

“I don’t think so,” Mr Keidge said.

Mr Keidge also denied telling one camper he’d slit him “from a**hole to breakfast” or confronting one family with the axe, threatening to “gut them all”.

Mr Brown suggested Mr Keidge had a history of drunken “trouble”, to which Mr Keidge admitted to having had eight drink-driving convictions and two assault charges against him.

“That’s the problem isn’t it?” Mr Brown asked. “You drink too much and you become violent?”

Mr Keidge replied he was simply “defending a turtle”.

Mr Vanderkyl also gave evidence, admitting his friend had an alcohol problem and may have abused other campers. He said Mr Keidge had 22 heavy beers on the day he was allegedly stabbed.

The trial continues today.

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