Nari-Lea Wilson was privileged to have ten of her photographs displayed at the APC convention in October last year at Tweed Heads.
Nari-Lea Wilson was privileged to have ten of her photographs displayed at the APC convention in October last year at Tweed Heads. Nari-Lea Wilson

Camera club president shares her work with the world

THE Gympie Camera Club president for this year is Nari-Lea Wilson who has been with the club for a number of years and held the secretary position a while back.

Ms Wilson, who is a member of the Australian Photographic Society, was privileged to have ten of her photographs displayed at the APC convention in October last year at Tweed Heads and subsequently published in a book to commemorate the event.

The photographs were of local buildings in and around Gympie. "Having photographs in the display and then being published has been a highlight."

We all do the best we can and learn the photographic rules, then break them, listen to lectures and advice, get up at insane times of the night to be part of world-wide webinars and be out and about to photograph all manner of subjects.

The most important thing that any photographic enthusiast needs to do and that is to like their own work.

Don't compare what you are doing to others work, compare your work with what you did 12 months ago and note the improvement.

Being part of an active camera club is an excellent way of being part of a likeminded community who understand why you need to carry your camera everywhere and stop to assess small chunks of this earth then photograph it from very strange angles.  Questions are answered, ideas are shared and fun is had.

Competition night -first Tuesday of the Month

On the competition night members put in their works in two categories and, a Photographic Society Queensland judge or an invited professional photographer speaks to each image and gives advice. This is a very powerful learning tool as this advice can be taken on board to influence how to frame up or compose future photographs - or not! Photography is very individual. We all have our favourite photograph that no judge likes and that is ok or we pop something into a competition that we think is just ok and it will get a merit or an honour. And THAT is the beauty of photography.

Each month the club has a set subject and an open category - February is Nature and open which is colour or black and white. Some months have just monochrome replacing the open section.

Gympie Camera Club has C grade for persons just starting out, B Grade where you develop your skills and shine then on to A Grade - this evens up the playing field and the judges will appraise at the different levels.

Workshop night- second Tuesday of the Month

Last year Ms Wilson was asked to facilitate a workshop night in the second Tuesday of the month working with members to either learn or reinforce the basic camera functions of shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

The workshop nights saw a number of new members attending with their camera, tripod and manual and keen to participate in the practical exercises. The workshops were deemed a success and will continue through this year. Persons interested in attending the workshops are asked to bring their camera's manual as each model of camera has different functions and referring to your manual is the best way to learn your own camera. Manuals can be downloaded from the internet if needed - all the models are there.

The workshop will be looking at camera functions for the first half of the year and then moving on to basic editing for the latter part of the year. 

Tactical Night - third Monday of the month

Our first Tactical night in January saw Ralph Brown from Razza Photography Mooloolaba talking about different areas of the art that he has mastered; commercial, wedding, architectural, wild life and travel. The theme of the night was aimed to find our Mojo, a fitting subject to start the year with and a very inspirational and interesting talk, we were sorry when it was over.

Tactical nights planned for the future will be exploring the concepts behind the set subjects as they change every year and can be challenging e.g. Nature will have no hand of man… so a budgie in a cage would not do. We will be having a look at some historical aspects of the photograph as it has had a very interesting journey to bring us to our digital cameras. Did you know that photographs were once made with eggs?

Camera, tripod and manual will be welcome as we have some interesting projects planned.

Each night is finished off with a cuppa and a chat.

So if you have a camera, ipad or phone and like to take photographs come along to the Art Gallery in Nash Street, (we meet in the back room) and be part of the Gympie Camera Club. Check out our website or join us on Facebook. We are a great club and we look forward to meeting you.

Archival photographs of Gympie and surrounds

The Gympie Camera Club has made an undertaking to keep archival records of buildings, events and points of interest in and around Gympie. We will be dedicating our first Club Outing Day to photographing Gympie, mainly some of the older houses and public buildings. Any person who has a heritage house or building that would like to have its photograph and story stored for prosperity can contact the club with details. Persons who have photographs of the past can also contact the club with a digital scan of these or we would be able to assist with the scanning should this be needed.

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