Callous vandals attack mascot

A damaged Jimmy Nash.
A damaged Jimmy Nash. Contributed

THE statue of Jimmy Nash is back on the hospital waiting list for new limbs after being seriously vandalised by callous vandals.

Jimmy was assaulted while being dried out after floodwaters swamped the Gold Rush Festival office in James Nash Arcade where he was kept while on break from his official duties.

He had been resurrected in time for last year's festival, after a long stint in rehab at Gympie Hospital, followed by an arm replacement before he was deemed fit to return to his podium as the festival's official statue.

Jokes aside, Jimmy Nash was found in the basement of the Gympie Hospital where he had languished for around for around three decades.

He was kindly donated to Gold Rush Festival by the Red Cross ladies and restored by costume maker, Bentley O'Toole.

Jimmy survived the recent flood despite being completely submerged by brown murky water.

He was placed at the end of James Nash Arcade to dry out, but was attacked.

Gold Rush Festival president Jan Collins was shocked when she discovered Jimmy's sorry state.

"This is the result of some mindless sod's wanton destruction of the statue," she said.

"Both arms twisted, his dog destroyed, gold pan missing. All in all had to be despatched to a skip to take to the dump.

"People should have more respect for property damaged in a disaster."

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