Rumours that an Apple store may soon be coming to Springfield.
Rumours that an Apple store may soon be coming to Springfield. BODE MARKS

Call out for Apple Store in Springfield

WITH only four sites in Queensland, Springfield could be set to get its very own Apple store.

The popular store was the talk of many Facebook users recently, with the mention of a potential store putting Springfield on the map for Apple customers across the region.

As part of a post on the Greater Springfield Facebook page, the idea for a Springfield Apple store drew a range of comments, with Kmart and the distance to other current Apple stores the main themes.

"A Kmart, Chemist Warehouse and a few more clothes stores would be far more appropriate," KC Jane said.

"When is Kmart coming?" Stefanie Webb said.

"Chemist Warehouse and Kmart first!" Jo Price said.

"Yes! Besides Kmart this would be the best," Samantha Surgeoner said.

"Yes please, saves me driving to Robina," Nicole Gebbie said.

"Oh thank god! No more driving to Carindale!" Tania Gimbert said.

"I'll be very surprised if it happens. They are known for only having them in major centres like Westfield. Orion would have to become four times the size for that to happen," Brendon Moffatt said.

Springfield Land Corporation Commercial Development Director, Naren Sinnathamby, said there was nothing set in stone yet, but was interested in hearing what Springfield residents had to say about the idea.

"The opening of an Apple store is super tentative, but we posted the idea on Facebook as we wanted Apple to see for themselves what the reaction would be like," Mr Sinnathamby said.

"I think the age of social media gives people the option of voicing their opinion on things and I think it's a good thing for the business owners to see."

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce President, Neil Coupland, said he thought it would be great for the people of Springfield and also a good thing for Orion Springfield Central.

"I think it would be awesome because if you go to any Apple store, it's almost like a feature store or something iconic," Mr Coupland said.

"It's a funky concept and I think it would be a great draw card for the shopping centre.

"I think it would also employ a lot of people and provide more job opportunities than some of the other similar retail stores."

Apple currently has stores in Carindale, Brisbane City, Robina and Chermside.

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