Forum on getting climate smart

AN information forum on how to join the first Gympie Region Climate

Smart Business Cluster will be held this Thursday at 6.45pm at the Fossickers Room, Gympie Civic Centre.

Paul McGraw, of the Department of Environment and Resource Management, will present a range of case studies profiling successful businesses across Queensland. He will outline the extraordinary financial savings business participants have made as a result of using the cluster process to reduce their energy, water and waste levels.

Cluster leader Rob Absalom of About Freedom will explain the Gympie Region Cluster’s plans, including its aims, timeline, process and expected savings. Small and medium size businesses keen to reduce business costs and lower their carbon footprint are urged to attend.

Businesses need to register with About Freedom by Friday to join the Gympie cluster.

Contact Rob on 1300 907 887 or email

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Gympie, we are in for a drenching

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