Lost at E Minor

Bus-stop cuisine in San Francisco

JUST when you’ve finally gotten your Twitter feed synced to track all your favorite food carts, another mobile food trend has rolled into town.

Bay Area eaters, meet the bustaurant.

Le Truc, a rehabbed school bus retrofitted with a full kitchen, has been grabbing attention with its Asian fusion fare and partnerships with noted chefs, as well as its one-upping of the food cart class.

The bus serves through its windows, of course, but it’s also got room to take 16 diners aboard.

A recent event saw Le Truc teamed up with Jennie Lorenzo, formerly of San Francisco’s fancy-pants Fifth Floor, turning out yellowtail sashimi for those indoors and ginger-fennel braised beef for people ordering the old-fashioned way—through the window.

They’re still hammering out the menu, but if it’s anything like recent offerings — Thai bao pork rolls with red jalapeños and a “three hand burger” with cabbage, garlic and Basque mustard sauce — Le Truc will be worth chasing down.

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