Builders, cafes among 65 Qld company collapses


Companies across Queensland have been handed to liquidators or administrators as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cripple businesses.

Sixty-five Queensland companies were put in liquidation or administration since September 1.

They range from building companies, cafes and restaurants and wreckers.


Queensland building company Arrow Access Pty Ltd collapsed into administration with $3.5m in debts and just $1 in its accounts.

Arrow Access was put under the control of joint administrators Matthew Bookless and Terry van der Velde on October 1.

According to the report the company owes $736,392 in wages and superannuation to employees - listed under related companies.

Arrow Access director James Howson could not be reached for comment.

The Australian Taxation Office is listed as the largest creditor, owed $1.96m, according to a report on the company's financial activities.

Queensland's Office of State Revenue is owed $126,614 while WorkCover is out of pocket $70,291.

Three companies, TJM Group NSW, TJM Scaffolding and Arrow Access Services, are listed as related party creditors owed a combined $1.393m.

The joint administrators did not respond to a request for comment.

Two related companies, TJM Holdings (QLD) Pty Ltd and Arrow NSW, owe a combined $2.177m to Arrow Access (QLD) for loans.


Liquidators have been appointed to a Gold Coast tourism business offering sailing day trips as the state's top tourism chief warns more operators will go to the wall.

James Imray, of Rodgers Reidy, has taken control of Tallship Island Adventures, a family-run company launched in 2004 by tourism identities Bruce and Margaret Nicholls.

The business, which was based next to Marina Mirage, deployed a three-masted sailing vessel named after infamous pirate Sir Henry Morgan as well as a 32m catamaran.

Tallships offered day trips to the couple's previously owned McClarens Landing Resort on South Stradbroke Island. The couple also provided parasailing, whale watching and private parties.



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