Trump supporters rally in Freedom Plaza
Trump supporters rally in Freedom Plaza

‘Bubble Dwellers’ more easily misled and misinformed

Letter to the Editor

Some people enjoy having their local paper/radio/Facebook forum full of local content and they are entitled to live that way.

NAMED: 56 people fronting Gympie Magistrates Court today

Other people enjoy being nationally/internationally informed so that they feel that their vote has a big picture perspective.

BREAKING: Pelosi confirms Trump impeachment

Problem for our country is that Bubble Dwellers are more easily misled/mis-informed; a big picture example is the siege on Capitol Hill, USA when a coup was attempted by people described by their Republican Party backers as Patriots who were expecting an election result cleared by the courts overturned.

The President’s personal lawyer ex-mayor of New York urging “Trial by Combat”.

It seems that promises were made to the invaders by Republican Senators and House Representatives that the election outcome would be overturned because the invaders were confident enough to photo/video /livestream themselves invading the capital building of their country.

Examples of misleading political behaviour in Oz include the government water rustling secret, above dam yield releases from Tinaroo Dam for the government Barron Hydro to dump in the ocean at Cairns, mute and not mute media along with theQueensland department of natural resources etc was able to sell this to the Bubble Dwellers as a smart thing to do.

Another example is the thousands of Jobseekers who could be employed Meat Processing the !.3 Million Live Cattle Exports which include slaughter weight cattle of 500kg.

The example which led to people dying in aged care homes is the blood relative restriction on the Carer Visa. Our media/ABC still do not debate these issues on their debating programs.

We have always believed that politicians and political parties have the best interests of Australia and Australians at heart; that is not the case. They are interested in power and control.

Our media is letting our nation down and much of the motivation is by design.

In the USA it is the lowest level who are going to jail. In Australia, it is the Special Forces who will face war crime charges for the secret murder of unarmed Afghans.

Government secrecy and dog whistling hate hongering by politicians especially religious politicians, inspires bad behaviour by the under-informed, while the politicians with their fat salaries /expenses walk free.

Don Stewart, Coonowrin St, Battery Hill

Gympie Times

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