The Bruce Highway is cut south of Gympie at Jackass Creek.
The Bruce Highway is cut south of Gympie at Jackass Creek. John Parker

Letters: Bruce Highway woes

Letters: WAS 2023 the year that Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Gympie residents they would have their section of the Cooroy to Curra highway bypass done?

Why are local residents prepared to just accept this when the Bruce Hwy has bottlenecks north and south of our city already?

I have lived here for 60-odd years, rearing my family, contributing to the local economy, making friends and calling Gympie my home.

Two years ago we moved north of town so we are on the road quite often.

I have never seen this place so congested with traffic.

I speak, in particular, of the Bruce Hwy, through town and at the entrance and exits.

It's scary now, yet we are expected to wait another eight years before our section of this highway gets attention.

The traffic has a bottleneck at the Pine St lights, heading north - if it wasn't for local traffic making allowance for vehicles, especially trucks, to cross over into the right lane as they come over the crest there would have been a deadly accident already.

I know that I prepare mentally each time I approach that spot.

One day the best will and intent of drivers like me is not going to be enough and I want something done before we all regret having been so tolerant about this situation.

Sometimes one waits at the lights at Woolworth's Central for too long as highway traffic heading south banks up in front of us.

The other day as I came back from Jones Hill I witnessed the off-ramp traffic waiting to turn right banked up to the highway.

What happens when it actually is on the highway?

Traffic banks up at Woolworth's northern-most petrol station now, waiting in the left hand lane to enter the business.

No one can tell me that is legal. Vehicles taking off at the lights swerve at the very last minute to avoid stopped cars sitting on the highway waiting for fuel.

I have trouble comprehending how people actually believe they can do that in safety.

Does there need to be a massive tragedy in Gympie before anyone does anything?

What will it take before enough residents actively revolt against being ignored by the Government?

Is it because this electorate votes conservative that we are once again being put aside?

Of course, if we had first-class representation and if our society was a just one we would expect to be rewarded for such loyalty, not the opposite.

For years Gympie has been duckshoved aside by successive governments while the Sunshine Coast, mainly, gets the lion's share of any road funding.

We waited for the Gunalda range to be improved for years while its designated funding was taken time and time again for the coast and elsewhere.

Wake up Gympie and regional residents, the time to get active is now, not at any time in the future, but now.

When is enough, enough, Warren Truss and Tony Abbott?

This city needs its section of Bruce Hwy attending to now.

Sue Humphris,


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