Broken promise brings charges

PROMISES he made to his mum and the Gympie Magistrate not to go anywhere near the drivers side of a vehicle were broken the day William John Dickson, 20, stole a car and drove it to McDonalds.

The 20-year-old ended up in jail after amassing a multitude of charges.

He was disqualified from holding a licence in October 2009 when he was caught drink driving and driving unaccompanied on a learners permit at Nanango.

Then in November, he was caught driving in an unregistered and uninsured car while disqualified from holding a licence.

The matter was remanded to Gympie for a guilty plea, but Magistrate Maxine Baldwin adjourned the sentencing for Dickson and made him promise that he would not get behind the wheel until he got a licence after his disqualification period was over.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns said during that adjournment period, Dickson took a vehicle without permission from a Apple Tree Creek residence on December 6.

She said Dickson and three friends pushed the vehicle down the road and started it up, driving it to McDonalds in Rockhampton.

When police located them, Dickson admitted he took the car and was granted bail.

With his matters set for February 8 in Gympie Magistrates Court, Dickson took an unregistered car from Maryborough to get to Gympie for his appearance.

He was seen driving from one site to another in the Gold Nugget Caravan Park south of Gympie at around 1am on February 7 and Dickson was arrested by police and remanded until February 11.

The court heard Dickson committed these offences while on a suspended term of imprisonment for stealing a motor vehicle.

His solicitor Lesley Swift said her client offered no excuse whatsoever and may need to know what it’s like in jail considering “there was not much opposition coming from the defendant himself”.

Dickson was convicted and sentenced to a minimum of three months in jail, to be released on probation, parole and with his extended suspended sentence hanging over his head.

He was also fined about $1500 for driving an uninsured car while disqualified.

Gympie Times

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