Passengers thrown to ground during ferry crash

An investigation will be launched into events at Circular Quay this afternoon after a ferry travelling from Watsons Bay crashed into a barrier, thrwoing passengers to the ground. 

"The Office of Transport Safety Investigations is investigating this afternoon's incident, where a Sydney Ferries SuperCat collided with a pontoon at Circular Quay," a spokeswoman from the Department of Transport said. 

"The vessel was operating the 3.45pm Watsons Bay to Circular Quay service

"NSW Ambulance advises around 18 customers were assessed for injuries on the scene by ambulance officers.

"Thankfully most injuries were minor, although we understand five customers have been taken to hospital for further treatment.

"Transport for NSW is working with Sydney Ferries operator Harbour City Ferries and will fully cooperate with OTSI to identify the cause of the incident."

Reports from Circular Quay show a number of patients being stretchered out and at least one person with cuts to their head. 

Police and ambulance crews were in attendance. 

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