RUNNING MAN: Brett Hall trains six days a week and will head off to the Statslater this month for the Boston Marathon.
RUNNING MAN: Brett Hall trains six days a week and will head off to the Statslater this month for the Boston Marathon. Renee Pilcher

Brett Hall well prepared for Boston Marathon

What made you want to enter the Boston Marathon?

After my second or third marathon it became a dream but I never thought I would qualify but continued to slowly improve. Being able to support those who were victims of the Boston bombings two years ago is also another incentive.

Did you have to qualify for this particular marathon?

Yes, the Boston Marathon, as the world's oldest annual marathon, is one of the only marathons in the world that requires a qualifying time. Most of the ones held on the Sunshine Coast anyone can register. I qualified through the Gold Coast marathon last year where I posted a time of 3hrs and 14mins but only had to make 3hrs 25mins to qualify. I first achieved my personal best on the Sunshine Coast but officially qualified at the Gold Coast event.

When will you compete overseas?

The Boston Marathon will be held from April 20, and athletes from all over the world compete. There are around 30,000 runners and out of that 50 Australians. The event starts at 9am, 42km outside of Boston at Hoptinkin and runs into the city.

Do you think the temperature will affect how you run?

It is expected to be around six or seven degrees for the event but this year has seen the biggest cumulative snowfall in Boston, so we will have to see. I enjoy running in the cold but if it hits zero or one degree it might be a different story.

When did you first start competing in marathons?

My first marathon was at the Gold Coast in 2009.

What made you want to start competing in this sport?

My wife bought a treadmill so I decided to start putting it to good use. A few people at work were competing in marathons so I joined. At first they could not stop laughing at me because I could not keep up and could not get up hills.

How many marathons have you competed in?

I've competed in 13 marathons since 2009 - six on the Gold Coast, three on the Sunshine Coast, two in Brisbane, one in Melbourne and one in Toowoomba.

How far would you usually have to run in most events?

The common distance is 42.2km.

What other sports have you played?

I played cricket and aussie rules when I was younger and the furthest distance I had ever done previous was in a 20km school walkathon, also through school.

How far do you run during a normal week?

I run six days a week which accumulates to around 160km a week. I get up at 3.30am every morning with my dog Diesel and run about 24-25km and 32km on a Saturday. In a year I will go through about six pairs of Asics runners. But I said to my wife I do not drink and I do not smoke, so I might as well put the money to good use. My wife and I bought Diesel purely as a running companion and he loves it. In the next few weeks leading to the Boston Marathon, my level and distance will decrease in preparation for the event.

Do you have any particular dietary requirements to go with your training schedule?

Compared to other marathon runners, I keep a low carbohydrate intake rather than a high level because, after talking to people, the amount of sugar intake will not benefit me in the long run. Instead, I have a high fat diet filled with nuts, avocados and lots of eggs.

If most marathons are run on tartan roads, are there many injuries you face throughout a race?

Yes, I used to get shin splints but found by gradually increasing the running distance it did not affect me as much. In a race, the first 32km your legs will get you there, but for the last 5km or so your brain takes over and it becomes more of a mental battle as your energy levels start to decrease.

What is next for you?

I will be focusing purely on this event before looking at another overseas event. However in the future I may look at running ultra-marathons, which are 100km events.

What do you enjoy most about running?

It is good to have goals and I would not be getting up at 3.30am every day if I did not have the incentive.

Player profile

Name: Brett Hall.

Age: 45.

Born: Victoria.

Favourite food: Any type of cooked eggs. I eat about two dozen a week.

Favourite TV program: The Big Bang Theory.

Favourite music: Anything current.

Favourite movie: The Blind Side.

Funniest moment in sport: Unexpected toilet stops. Let's just say I know where every toilet block is in Gympie.

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