Boost to recovery effort

IN A bid to address the impact of natural disasters last summer, Gympie Regional Council has partnered with the Wide Bay Institute of TAFE to secure the services of Corrie McColl as a Jobs and Skills Development Officer to boost Gympie's long-term recovery efforts.

Mr McColl will help to ensure job losses are limited, skilled workers are retained and skills shortages which arise during the recovery are alleviated.

Gympie Mayor Ron Dyne said the region was heavily impacted by natural disasters last summer.

He said the impact on homes, businesses, public infrastructure, livelihoods and communities was devastating. "We are pleased to partner with both the State Government and Wide Bay TAFE to provide this program in the Gympie region. Corrie will engage with the business community and regional stakeholders of the Gympie region to identify potential work projects that align to ongoing flood recovery and regional skills shortages," he said.

Gympie's Jobs and Skills Development Officer will be linked to the council as part of a jointly funded initiative between the Queensland and Federal governments and will focus on four key strategies:

Priority skills development activities in affected communities and industries.

Implementing paid work placements and work experience opportunities to assist with re-building essential public and community infrastructure and to help with environmental restoration.

Providing a raft of assistance measures to assist in keeping Gympie apprentices and trainees earning and learning.

Rebuilding community capacity to support local industry, co-ordinate skills and employment assistance and maximise funding opportunities.

"We are keen to explore opportunities that assist with re-building the community, bridging the skills gap in industry and regional projects where the unemployed can engage in work activities that provide direct benefit to this region.

"Corrie will be working closely with business and industry throughout the Gympie region to help identify skills shortages and training requirements. It will be a great benefit to our community to have Corrie in this role."

JSDOs are being engaged around Queensland through a joint initiative between Skills Queensland, the federal and state governments.

Gympie Times

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