Bollards issue strikes a nerve

PASSIONATE about not wanting bollards along Tin Can Bay’s foreshore Marg and John Scott who live in Nambour have written to Gympie Regional Council asking for their removal.

The Scott’s own two homes along the Tin Can Bay esplanade and in their letter have pointed out the bollards block vehicle and small recreational boat access to the foreshore.

So far council has placed bollards at Norman Point and both Wes Mitchell and Bob Reibel Parks.

Mrs Scott said she was never bothered by people using the foreshore and actually enjoyed seeing people getting out there enjoying Tin Can Bay.

“We’ve never seen anyone abuse it... there’s never 100s of people there,” she said.

The Scott’s also asked council to clear weeds, rubbish and scrub from under trees so it was safe to walk along the foreshore in the evening and so views were not obstructed.

During a recent Works and Services Committee meeting councillors decided to tell the Scott’s use of bollards and other methods of restricting vehicles from sections of the foreshore would continue.

At the meeting council Parks Manager Ed French reported bollards were used to combat vehicle damage to grass and vegetation and improve safety.

His report also said there was little non-native vegetation along the foreshore and vegetation was an important tool in combating erosion.

Council’s Director of Engineering Services Bob Fredman said there was a real problem with erosion due to vehicle damage in some places and the bollards were helping to stop it.

But at this week’s general meeting Cr Donna Neilson asked that council be more specific about the areas it intended to bollard.

She said Mr French’s report to the committee “reads as though council is going to bollard all the way to Crab Creek. This seems to be what the complaint is about, but it is not in the plan. Could we be more specific?”

Works chairman Larry Friske said if people abused the foreshore and some action had to be taken, then bollards will be installed.

“If they don’t abuse it, we won’t put in the bollards,” he said.

“We don’t intend to bollard the whole foreshore.”

Council resolved to only use bollards where necessary.

Gympie Times

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