VIDEO: Teen left bleeding in gutter in Coast hit-and-run

A BLI Bli teenager has been left lying bleeding in the gutter after a hit-and-run in broad daylight.

Gaige Dracoulis was on his skateboard heading home from the shops about 3.30pm on Anzac Day along Avocado Cres when a car coming out of Fuerte Ct hit him from behind.

It knocked the 16-year-old TAFE student off his board, throwing him a couple of metres down the road.

He survived but was left with cuts and grazes down the left side of his body, as well as sprains to his ankle, groin and shoulder.

Gaige, who has Aspergers and spent April as an ambassador for Autism Awareness Month, was taken to Nambour General Hospital but was discharged later in the night.

"I was on ground for a bit after being hit. It was just so shocking, I didn't know what had happened," he said.

"When I kind of realised what had happened and looked up the car was already going around the corner up ahead."

Gaige did not get the number plate, but described the car as a navy blue, old model car, possible a Toyota Corolla, with a spoiler.

He managed to pick himself up and continue the trip home, but eventually had to sit down and call his mother for help.

Michelle Dracoulis told The Daily just how terrified she was to hear her son had been injured.

"You just don't know how bad it's going to be," she said.

"Even in hospital when they put the neck collar on him, you don't know how hard he's hit his head.

"People die from this sort of thing. You immediately wonder if he's got bleeding on the brain."

Doctors from Nambour General Hospital told Gaige to rest.

His mother took him back to the hospital yesterday afternoon with headaches.

Despite the incident, Gaige said it would not stop him from skating.

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman yesterday said investigations into the matter were ongoing.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

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