Bleijie shocked by rapist's letter to his young victim

QUEENSLAND Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has expressed his shock after it was revealed a convicted rapist had sent his nine-year-old victim a love letter from inside prison walls.

Mr Bleijie said he was just as angry about the situation as everyone else in the country.

Convicted pedophile Christopher John McCoy, 21, sent the unwanted correspondence from his jail cell at a facility south of Brisbane to his victim two weeks ago.

In the letter McCoy said he loved the boy and told him how much he was suffering inside prison.

McCoy, who is from Kingsthorpe west of Toowoomba, pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to recording himself committing revolting sex acts on a friend's younger brother at his home in Caloundra.

He was subsequently jailed for nine months.

Mr Bleijie said what occurred was simply not good enough and measures had been put into place to ensure the Sunshine Coast boy and his family received no more correspondence from the rapist.

"McCoy's crime was sickening and for him to have the gall to contact his victim is astounding," he said.

"A prisoner can be blocked from sending mail to specific people if requested and we have put that in place in relation to McCoy."

Opposition Corrective Services Minister Bill Byrne said what occurred was unacceptable.

"It is very disturbing that a rapist was able to communicate with his traumatised victim from his prison cell in this way," he said.

"No sex offender should be allowed to write to a victim from prison.

"Clearly this letter should have been routinely intercepted at the source and the fact it was allowed to reach its destination highlights the strain the prison system is under."

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