Black hole west of Gympie could have done with some plebiscite money

This letter writer says the communications at Kilkivan could have done with some of the $120 million spent on the postal survey for same sex marriage.
This letter writer says the communications at Kilkivan could have done with some of the $120 million spent on the postal survey for same sex marriage.

Letter to the Editor

I AM really writing to the Prime Minister via yourself because a letter sent to him would likely receive no consideration.

I would write to Telstra or email them but would probably end up trying to converse with somebody who has scant knowledge of the English language, somewhere in India. Hopefully one of these people will read your column.

Recently my very good friend died.

My first desire was to contact my family for support but, since I live in Kilkivan, there is rarely any service for my mobile phone, the only device I own.

Then I tried to text them and other close friends to just, you know, talk. Help ease my troubled mind. No Service said my phone. Well, you would think, what about the internet? No service there either.

What a pity the Prime Minister spent what...$120 million on a plebiscite to discover how many Australians want to allow gay people to call their union marriage instead of investing a small amount of that on correcting the inadequacies of our communication systems.

Why heck, they'd probably have enough change to invest into the overstretched medical system or the failing combat with ice. They might even have enough to help counter terrorism.

Meanwhile, while the leaders of our country swan about in their blue ties and tell us they are doing a fine job, I have no communication other than a couple of hours in the morning if I'm lucky.

They live in cities or large centres where communication is not such an issue so they probably wouldn't believe me. Or wouldn't care to believe me.

My bewilderment is only assuaged by the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I contemplate the happiness of homosexual people becoming one in the sacred form of marriage and I can only imagine those $120 million will make them feel part of society in their quest for equality. It all makes so much sense. After all, the gay lobby has gone all out to get us to vote yes.

All I can do is wonder, but to take my mind off such a quandary I would lose myself in the make-believe of television...except there's no service there either.

So it's back to smoke signals for regional Australia. Now that sure is moving forward, don't you think? 

Marnie Walters-Burgess,


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