Maroochydore's Luke McInnes (centre) took his season tally to 47 wickets with a 4/9 haul on the weekend. Picture: Patrick Woods.
Maroochydore's Luke McInnes (centre) took his season tally to 47 wickets with a 4/9 haul on the weekend. Picture: Patrick Woods.

Big efforts shine in rain affected round of cricket

Storms from the south affected Round 18 of SCCA Division 1 fixtures with a washed-out match at Caboolture and rain-shortened game at Caloundra.

Meanwhile, Maroochydore and Tewantin-Noosa had time enough to complete run chases.

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At Grant Road, only the return of Glen Batticciotto avoided a complete rout while the Rangers' Jett Taylor removed the rest of the top order for a combined 26 runs.

Rangers’ Jett Taylor bowled 5/15 against Caboolture on the weekend.
Rangers’ Jett Taylor bowled 5/15 against Caboolture on the weekend.

The 36th over completed the young bowlers' domination as he removed Corlet with the second delivery, then completed his first five-wicket return by the dismissal of the competition leading scorer as Batticciotto fell for 66, with the Snakes on 5/99.

John Flew and the veteran Toby Millyard eked the innings out to 8/151 after 50 overs, when Taylor led the Rangers off with 5/15, but just seven overs of the visitors' reply were available as the storm came at 1/31.

Further north Caloundra had held Coolum to a respectable 194.

This became probably the visitors most impressive batting display with good starts abounding, although three run-outs looked untidy as Brad Morgan brought the tail home with an unbeaten 40 while Josh Peters pouched a personal best 4/30.

The Lighthouses looked at the sky to know a solid start was needed, and Tom Cain, Ashton Muir and Brendon Kelly provided just that, setting the home side on 3/115 after 27 overs when the rain came, ahead of the Required Run Rate to lift Caloundra to fifth place on the ladder.

Maroochydore avoided weather worries in the afternoon by disposing of Gympie's 91 challenge in just 12.4 overs, gaining double bonus points to gain a likely table lead.

Luke McInnes took his season tally to 47 wickets with a 4/9 haul as the Gold offered little resistance apart from Steve Brady's 36.

Swan's skipper Blaine Schloss would hardly have needed to give Callum Stitt a license to thrill when the home side sought insurance from any storm, but the opener took the cue, belting nine shots to the boundary and four over it in a whirlwind unbeaten 71 from 36 deliveries for an early end to the day.


Tewantin-Noosa’s Chris Wright brought his career tally at Read Park to 4168 runs over the weekend.
Tewantin-Noosa’s Chris Wright brought his career tally at Read Park to 4168 runs over the weekend.

Nambour would have fancied themselves against a volatile Tewantin-Noosa line-up after reaching 5/174 at Read Park, a total made more impressive with no contribution from skipper Steve Ledger, bowled by the fourth legitimate delivery of Scott Aufderheide's opening over.

From 2/13, Angus Douglas, Jake Trace and Steve Dodd lifted the Cutters to hopefully test the Thunder batting, a test that the home side aced when Chris Wright took control.

Dropped before scoring, the uncompromising stroke play that has driven 179 matches with the Thunder over 19 seasons came together in 110 runs from just one more delivery, bringing his career tally at Read Park to 4168 runs.

Possibly more subdued than his unbeaten 156 back in 2009-10 that sparked the Thunders' best ever OD total of 4/298, also against Nambour, the innings gave the visitors no chance as Tewantin reached 2/178 in the 42nd over.

SCCA DIVISION 1 RD 18 ONE DAY 16-01-2021


CABOOLTURE INNINGS Batticciotto G. ct Topfer b J.Taylor 66

Martin Z. b J.Taylor 2

Simpson Clayton. ct T.Taylor b J.Taylor 0

Schubert M. lbw b J.Taylor 0

Corlet C. ct Heise b J.Taylor 24

Simpson Carter. ct & b Fischer 3

Flew J. not out 26

Millyard T. lbw b Moffett 19

Lee M. run out 0

Connew J. not out 1.

Sundries: 10

Total: 8/151

FOW: 15, 28, 28, 95, 99, 108, 145, 146.

Bowling: Heise 10-3-20-0, Taylor J. 10-4-16-5, Schultz 4-0-21-0, 10-0-28-1, Owen 10-1-33-0, Moffett 5-0-24-1, Topfer 1-0-7-0 Overs: 50.

GLASSHOUSE INNINGS Cahill D. ct Batticciotto b Flew 16

Schultz J. not out 5

Taylor T. not out 5

Sundries: 5

Total: 1/31

FOW: 24, Bowling: Flew 4-0-18-1, Corlet 3-1-12-0. Overs: 7.





Brady S. ct Watson b McInnes 36

Waugh L. ct Stitt b Jackson 5

Batten A. b Stitt 4

Ashton T. ct Watson b Anderson 7

McGlone M. ct Stitt b Schloss 3

Vidler J ct Finch b Anderson 13

Mitchell B. ct Watson b Agapow 7

Maxwell L. ct Finch b McInnes 8

White J. b McInnes 2

Reid A. ct Anderson b McInnes 0

Cochrane K. not out 0

Sundries: 6

Total: 91

FOW: 19, 24, 52, 56, 62, 72, 85, 88, 91, 91.

Bowling: Stitt 7-1-24-1, Jackson 7-1-25-1, Anderson 10-5-10-2, McInnes 7.3-1-9-4, Schloss 6-2-12-1, Agapow 4-0-8-1. Overs 41.3.


Stitt C. not out 71

Finch W. ct Batten b Cochrane 7

Olsen M. not out 6

Sundries: 8

Total: 1/92

FOW: 45.

Bowling: Mitchell 3-0-26-0, Cochrane 4-0-13-1, White 3.4-1-14-0 McGlone 1-0-20-0, Waugh 1-0-13-0.

Overs: 12.4.




Ledger S. b Aufderheide 0

O'Connor H. ct Kratzmann b Freshwater 9

Douglas A. ct Aufderheide b Stewart 20

Trace J. ct & b Dennien 43

Dodd S. not out 64

Swanton Z. ct & b Freshwater 6

Kross T. not out 21

Sundries: 11

Total: 5/174

FOW: 1, 13, 59, 110, 123.

Bowling: Aufderheide 10-2-35-1, Freshwater 10-0-52-2, Officer 6-2-16-0, Stewart 5-0-15-1, Taylor 10-1-25-0, Dennien 9-1-28-1.

Overs: 50.


Bennett A. b Winn 10

Wright C. not out 110

Dennien J. ct Close b Kross 22

Kratzmann A. not out 29

Sundries: 7

Total: 2/178

FOW: 13,111,

Bowling: Close 10-3-38-0, Winn 6-2-23-1, Ledger 5-0-30-0, Prosser 6-0-30-0, Perren 6-0-30-0, Kross 8.5-1-26-1. Overs: 41.5.




Churchill H. ct Cottrell b Peters 39

Mackee T. ct Kelly b Peters 26

Hynes T. run out 22

Kenny D. lbw b Peters 10

Scheepers S. ct Muir b Peters 28

McLean J. ct Maidment b Gordon 12

Brown T. run out 5

Morgan B. not out 40

Scheepers T. run out 1

Brooks S. b De Kauwe 0

Cowling R. run out 0

Sundries: 11

Total: 194

FOW: 62, 86, 101, 105, 127, 141, 164, 175, 184, 194.

Bowling: Gordon 9-0-31-1, Cottrell 7-1-13-0, Muir 4-0-30-0, Carter 5-1-14-0, Peters 10-1-30-4, De Kauwe 6.2-0-31-1, Sanderson 4-0-20-0, Wright 3-0-24-0. Overs: 48.2.


Cain T. ct & b Hynes 36

Muir A. ct McLean b Brooks 32

Kelly B. not out 28

Maidment A. lbw b Hynes 8

Gordon J. not out 1

Sundries: 3

Total: 3/115

FOW: 56, 79, 101,

Bowling: T.Scheepers 6-0-27-0, McLean4-0-16-0, Brooks 4-0-17-1, Morgan 3-0-13-0, Hynes 5-0-16-2, Cowling 5-1-26-0.



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