Tully casts her postal vote in the 2013 Federal Election.
Tully casts her postal vote in the 2013 Federal Election. Paul Broben

Abbott spruiks daughters' looks in Big Brother vote pitch

THE FEDERAL Election came early for the Big Brother housemates.

The 11 housemates, well 12 if you count the Sugar Sisters Katie and Lucy separately, cast their postal votes from a special polling booth set up in the Diary Room today.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, The Greens' Christine Milne and Palmer United's Clive Palmer all addressed the young voters in messages broadcast over the TV in the lounge room.

The footage will air on tonight's episode at 7pm.

Both Rudd and Milne touched on the hot-button issue of gay marriage.

"I've got two boys, 27 and 29, one's gay, one's straight," Milne said.

"I want to be at both of their weddings. I think other mums like me feel just the same."

Mr Abbott was flanked by his beautiful daughters, something he was more than happy to point out.

"I've got my daughters here with me because to be honest as with all parents, they're our best asset... If you want to know who to vote for, I'm the guy with the not bad looking daughters."

Palmer chose to focus on the economy.

"The main issue is not which individual becomes PM, but what Australia can do to regain its status as a Lucky Country," he said.

But the real controversy bubbling away in the house isn't about politics.

Tully's new romance with Drew has tongues wagging both within the show and on the outside.

After some under-the-doona kissing with Drew, to whom she mouthed "I love you" on Monday night's show, Tully's girlfriend on the outside Tahlia Farrant publicly dumped her on Twitter.


The social media strategist was one of the top trending topics in her hometown of Sydney with the hash tag #singlebabescomeatme.

But after the 25-year-old copped a fair bit of flack, Farrant asked fans to keep things in perspective, tweeting: "Yes she stuffed up, but she is a human being. Think before you speak, none deserves such hate.. She didn't kill anyone. Live and let live."

Tully, of course, is oblivious to the online drama inside the Big Brother bubble, although when Big Brother quizzed her about her girlfriend's reaction to her canoodling with Drew she didn't seem too concerned.

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