'Bickering schoolboys' in Gympie council need to sort it out

This letter writer is sick of the
This letter writer is sick of the "bickering” within Gympie Regional Council and called on Mayor Mick Curran and Cr Glen Hartwig to sort it out or face the possibility of having an administrator called in. Renee Albrecht


THE constant feud being played out in the Letters pages of The Gympie Times by Councillors Hartwig and Curran is causing some concern to us "ordinary” ratepayers.

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The differences of opinion seem to be all about the viability or otherwise of the Mary Valley Rattler rebirth and the processes that lead to the decision making.

It is time to sort out your personal problems.

The place to do it is in private, either in the council chamber, or if that is not possible then do it as my housemaster at school used to say, "in the gym at lunch time, and I will be the referee”.

Seriously, this problem is undermining confidence in any decision made by councillors.

Whatever happened at the time, the decision was made, so live with it and move on.

Whether it will be viable or not remains to be seen.

The longer the business of starting the train running, the harder, and more expensive it will be.

There are many pieces of council infrastructure that are not commercially successful.

That's just the way public works are.

For example, I personally doubt very much if the new aquatic centre will ever pay its way.

The Rattler is very important to the residents and businesses of the Mary Valley and whatever it takes it should be done.

It may cost ratepayers a bit in on-goings, but will be more than made up for by the benefit to Dagun, Kandanga, Amamoor and Imbil, and of course to Gympie businesses as well.

So stop acting like bickering schoolboys.

If you don't, we may have to ask that an administrator be appointed.

Michael Jeffries,


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