Beyondblue survey to gauge mental health of Aussie doctors

DOCTORS around the country are being encouraged to take part in a national mental health survey being run by Beyondblue.

Beyondblue chief executive Kate Carnell said the mental health group had sent out 50,000 surveys to doctors this week in a bid to assess the mental health of all Australian medical professionals.

The survey comes after Beyondblue completed a survey of about 3000 doctors last November.

"We understand Australian doctors and medical students are incredibly busy," she said.

"The response rate from the pilot program demonstrates that they are time poor and shows why their mental health is of concern to us, meaning that the insights this survey will provide are incredibly important.

"The more doctors and students who fill out the survey, the better our insights will be."

Ms Carnell said it was vital the survey had a high response rate to help understand the mental health pressures they were under at work.


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