Beware Fakebook accounts

KATHY Sundstrom's article on P7 today points out the bleeding obvious - not everyone is who they pretend to be on Facebook.

Setting up a fake account is too easy.

It literally takes a couple of minutes.

Then you are free to "troll” and cause whatever mischief you wish without being accountable for what you say. Unless of course you are busted. Then all bets are off.

There are certainly one or two activists on various Gympie Facebook pages whose opinions are strong and authenticity suss, to say the least.

Clicking into their Facebook account would be an easy way to check things out, if you were concerned.

One bloke who has become pretty adept at spotting fakers says a generic profile photo can be a dead give-away, as can be a lack of conversations and group photos on a person's wall.

Doing a Google image search on a photo shows where else it has appeared on the internet. If it appears on a few other unrelated places, you've probably got a faker.

While this seems to allow these heroes the freedom to "troll”, a Fakebooker could also be a scammer or worse, so best to give them a wide berth.

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