Betting on Black Caviar’s progeny

WHAT I hate about sport this week is that I never had the chance to bet on Black Caviar.

Approaching my 18th birthday on Monday, I would have finally been able to place bets after enduring 25 straight wins without my money backing the thoroughbred racehorse.

Managing owners of Black Caviar, Neil Werrett and Peter Moody, announced the decision yesterday with Moody saying: "We thought long and hard about racing on, but she's done everything and more and we decided enough was enough."

"She's never looked better, but we wanted to go out on top," Moody said.

"She's brought tremendous interest to our sport. Black Caviars don't come along every day."

Walking away from the track with 15 group 1 wins and $7,953,936 in prize money, the horse has been labelled one of the most successful and popular in history.

People say horses like Black Caviar come once in a lifetime so it seems I have missed the boat with betting.

Due to race in Brisbane later this year, I was hoping to travel down to watch the magnificent girl in action and earn some easy money when she won her 26th consecutive race.

Even Sporting Bet CEO Michael Sullivan said no horse had cost his business more money.

"We've taken a total of $45 million worth of bets on Black Caviar across her 25 starts and our punters have won $8.5 million backing her," Sullivan said.

The great mare will parade at Caulfield on Saturday to say goodbye to the public before going into retirement and breeding.

Moody announced today that Black Caviar's owners will now begin the horse's breeding career.

Werrett said no thought has been given to which stallion she would visit this spring.

"We hope that in three years, Peter Moody will be training a progeny of Black Caviar," Werrett said.

Knowing my luck I will bet on the lucrative "next Black Caviar" and lose.

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