Behind the mullock heap

STICK to the plan...

FEDERAL Treasurer Scott Morrison is obviously planning to stick to the plan for him created by the public opinion survey companies.

Apparently they told the Federal Government that Australians were anxious to see that those in power have a plan to lead us into the future.

Thus emerged a public relations plan which resulted in Mr Morrison using the word "plan" so often in his budget speech, there was scarcely room for anything else.

But this was only to be expected. As Mr Morrison explained in his budget speech, it was "not just another budget," it was "a new economic plan."

A rough count showed he used the word about 22 times in his speech, which did not last many more minutes than that.

"Plan"appeared in sentences 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 (twice in that one), 23, 24 and 25… and so on.

He then used it 12 more times or so.

And, as he insisted, "we must stick to our national economic plan..."



Because it is "the right plan for Australia..."

Then, "having laid out this plan …" he explained "the components to our plan..." which were "an innovation and science program (is that a kind of plan?)... "a defence plan for local high-tech manufacturing and technology."

And all of it together made up "the Turnbull government's economic plan..."


Gympie's Wide Bay Federal MP Warren Truss obviously agreed.

"The 2016 Budget is an economic plan for Australia," he said.

"It is a plan for a strong new economy with more jobs and growth…

"This tax plan backs hard-working Australians…"

FOWL play...

TALK is back on the table about the proposed free-range pig and poultry farm at Kybong, but this post on Facebook from a Gympie woman this week was about some fowl play closer to the city:

"Why did the chicken cross the road?

"To get to my house lol.

"To whom this may concern; I live on Neil Street, Southside, to whoever has lost a chicken it's here. Fb message me for address."

SPOT of rain...

THEN there was the good - much needed - shower of rain last Friday. It prompted this post on Facebook:

"PLEASE HELP. Can someone please tell me when Normanby is open for traffic after the flood waters recede? I need milk and bread urgent. It's been raining for minutes..."


GYMPIE woman had to laugh when she was standing at the service desk at a local department store and overheard the female customer beside her returning a pair of jeans.

"Was anything wrong with them?" the shop assistant asked.

"Yes," the customer said.

"They're too tight and they hurt my feelings."

DUCK and weave...

GYMPIE man running at Point Cartwright recently felt like a Mario Brothers character.

As he approached the popular footpath leading up to the lighthouse, walkers and their dogs were in abundance.

Dogs off their leash darted around while those still tethered stretched their leads across the path.

The man ducked and weaved his way around stray pooches and owners and while at first annoyed, decided he was value- adding to his workout.

"Forget CrossFit," he said afterwards.

"Dog fit."

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