Be a great Dad before baby arrives

JUST found out you're going to be a dad?

That's great news, but pregnancy looks easy when it's happening to someone else! As men, you don't have to endure what's going on in a pregnant woman's body 24/7 - and a lot is going on. Help her get through the experience by trying a few of these tips from the founders of

Take care of your lady

Growing a baby is hard work and takes quite a physical toll on a woman's body. The tiredness of carrying an extra person around puts all sorts of strains on the female body. Look after your partner 24/7 if need be, especially if she's having a difficult pregnancy.

Get on the wagon

Your missus has to stay off alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, blue cheese, seafood and lots of other stuff to keep that baby in there safe and sound. Staying off alcohol and cigarettes and eating what she can eat is not only better for you, but it sets a precedent for how you intend to live as a father.

Give her some "me" time

The prospect of becoming a mother, while really exciting, is daunting, both mentally and physically. For most mothers, the first few months after birth end up being a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week job. Over the next few years you partner's always going to have one eye on what she's doing and one eye on your child. So, in the months before this all kicks off, let her have some time that's just for her.

Be there for the medical stuff

Go along to all the medical appointments, scans and meetings with your midwife or obstetrician. Your partner wants you to be there to share it.

Get with the program

Start skilling-up on essential baby knowledge and skills. Mums-to-be love to see their partner getting excited about their new life as parents.

Go on a babymoon

As a couple, now is the perfect time to take a relaxing and indulgent holiday somewhere. Go where sun lounges and swimming pools are more common than office blocks, with great restaurants and shops to browse. Somewhere the two of you can just hang out, sleep late, read books and do whatever you want.

Tell her how beautiful she is

For many women, the hardest part is near the due date. Keep telling her how beautiful she is.

These tips have been edited from Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies by Stefan Korn, Scott Lancaster and Eric Mooij.

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