Bay school proud of results

Jessica-Leigh Wharton and Kayla Coleman are among Tin Can Bay students benefiting from the school’s new culture.
Jessica-Leigh Wharton and Kayla Coleman are among Tin Can Bay students benefiting from the school’s new culture. Renee Pilcher

TIN Can Bay P-10 School had good cause for celebration this week, after the publication at the weekend of school audit results.

Principal Brad Roberts yesterday pointed out that the school had done substantially better than reported in The Gympie Times yesterday.

The report featured a table of results, including an incorrectly transcribed line relating to the Bay school.

The incorrect results were substantially worse than the correct ones, which Mr Roberts had already proudly announced to parents.

"I've had calls from parents about the discrepancy," he explained yesterday.

The published table listed the Bay school's results for Teaching Team, Curriculum Delivery, Differentiated Learning and Effective Teaching as "low," "low," "medium" and "medium" respectively - nowhere near as good as the actual results, which were "medium" for Teaching Team and Curriculum Delivery and a "high" each for Differentiated Learning and Effective Teaching.

Mr Roberts said the results were a credit to the whole teaching team, which included parents and volunteers as well as teachers and teacher aides.

The school also achieved a "high" in data analysis, showing staff have been explicitly breaking down data and tailoring it for individuals.

"Each student has a tailored learning program," he said.

"All study at their own level, in different ways and different styles, so as to extend all of them.

"We've done a lot of work with staff and the community," he said.

Parents are big participants in the development of students' reading skills and take part in training programs to help them help the students.

"Parents come in and work with the students in school, as well as before and after school and during breaks.

"It helps the students get their verbal and writing skills up, which makes an impact on all their results," he said.

Mr Roberts said the school's good reputation made it easier to recruit the best staff possible.

"Our deputy is from Normanton and we have applications from the Cape and calls from Brisbane.

"They want to work here. They've heard about the programs and the support for staff and training.

"They ring up and ask for an interview and if we don't have any spots, they ask if they can be interviewed anyway, so it's on record when a vacancy comes up.

"I've taught in a lot of schools and it's the first time I have ever seen this.

"The whole culture of the school is good," Mr Roberts said.

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