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'Banal rubbish and idiotic talk from small thinkers'


DESPITE apparent threats by some in council it seems the dreaded Facebook page which causes such a stir isn't going away.

I'm not a Facebook user but through a friend accessed a look at the page in question. 

From what I saw the threat of legal action against those running the page is as demeaning as the page contents, really not worth the trouble and 'fighting' such inanity only fuels the fires of the quibbling that goes on there. 

On that page I found very little of any real interest, or forceful arguments. Basically those contributing to what appears publicly are few, repetitious, and merely affirming amongst themselves their often pretty pointless "points”. 

That's a genuine pity as the need for transparency and accountability at all levels of government is a call worth making. 

Such calls have to be made with some sort of sense and in a manner which any inquiry that may result from a petition can legally and sensibly accept as issues which can be legally and sensibly addressed. 

Idiotic talk of "reclaiming our town”, references to Pauline Hanson, past mayors and past staff, and telling people that their opinions are of no worth because they're "too new to town” is just that, idiotic talk. It's banal rubbish which in no way offers any solutions to the big challenges we face as growth comes our way and our community and its needs change. 

If they weren't so busy supporting each other's tripe, if they bothered to look past the past, the :good ol days”, they'd see the growth, they'd see just how many newcomers there are and they'd see that the town is not their personal plaything.

"Good old days” are only ever good in selective memories, the past can never be regained and past glories can also be judged by the fact that it's not hard to shine amongst fools. 

For all its faults and demonstrated need for more openness, I would seriously hope that our council has much better ways to spend its time than to be bothered with the ravings of a bunch of recalcitrant backward thinkers who somehow believe that this town is "theirs” to "reclaim”.

It's not "theirs” any more than it belongs to those they criticise. 

Long gone are the days when travelling past Black Mountain saw us fall off of Gympie's flat earth to be eaten by the big nasty monster of reality.

We are now part of the growth of south-east Queensland, if we like it or not, and the glaring faults of the past, the near total lack of planning and any forward vision, the "us and them” mindset, is no longer valid. 

My advice to, and hope of, those who bleat their nonsense on the now famous Facebook page is quite simple: if you're not willing to be part of the solutions get out of the way. 

Gympie needs to spend its efforts laying claim to things which will be needed for the future.

Our backward thinking MPs, party hacks more interested in appeasing a few party members with rot about coast roads, land clearing mainly hundreds of kilometres away, and finding faults with their opposition so obvious that even the dimmest can see them, aren't capable of thinking past the next election. 

Future public transport needs and the absolutely mindless "plan” for connecting Gympie to the new highway are just two of many things which will bite us, and hard. Yet I even saw reference to talk against by-passing Gympie amongst the garbage on the much talked about Facebook page.

That alone is enough to say that the page is largely just whiners attempting to hide from the inevitable and as such aren't worthy of time that could be better spent. 

Our MPs are too useless and too self serving to think forward. That may suit the likes of those using Facebook to fight changes but it fails the broader community both now and for as far as the future can be imagined. 

In the absence of any other worthwhile representation council is our best shot at ever having any input into how we get railroaded and overrun by the now fast accelerating growth.

It's a waste of everybody's time that they even bother (or feel that they have to bother) addressing the actions of a bunch of small thinkers attempting to live in the past when in a short time the newcomers they discount will outnumber them and hopefully will well exceed their ability to see what's important.  

I'm no fan of, nor apologist for, Curran, Smith et al, or what's (apparently) going on within council but I see absolutely nothing offered amongst the largely piffle on the "offending” Facebook page to offer any promise of better alternatives.

Indeed, what I did see by visiting that page makes me now regret signing the petition it's based around as I wish to distance myself as far as possible from most of the writers thereon.

That's the opinion of a "newcomer”, who's only been here 26 years.

Does that "qualify” me to comment in the closed eyes and minds of the Gympie Regional Forum Facebook crowd? 



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