READY OR NOT: Jessica Cochrane with son Bailey
READY OR NOT: Jessica Cochrane with son Bailey Graig Warhurst

Bailey's dramatic arrival

HE is obviously not the kind of young man to take no for an answer.

Rainbow Beach’s newest resident proved that on Saturday by being born, despite medical opinion, about 10 minutes after his overjoyed mum Jessica Cochrane got home from a check-up at Gympie Hospital.

The young man’s name is Bailey and, despite being born only on Saturday, Jessica says he has already proved that he is big enough to get his own way.

“You’re the first to know,” she said at Gympie Hospital yesterday, giving the young man his name at a special moment shared by proud grandmother Annette, great grandmother Betty and, as luck would have it, The Gympie Times.

Bailey just would not take no for an answer when doctors at the hospital told Jessica she was not yet in labour.

A quick drive home, the sudden onset of renewed contractions and Bailey was born almost immediately, at about 5.40pm, at the surgery of Beach MD David Smith.

“We don’t know exactly when he was born because everyone was so busy, we forgot to look at the clock,” Annette said.

Born at 3.939kg, Bailey popped into the world, almost literally, with no drugs and no time for them to have taken effect anyway.

“I’m here, ready or not,” he seemed to say.

And so began a life clearly destined to be one of adventure and excitement.

“At the hospital, Jessica had been in pain for two hours but she hadn’t dilated and didn’t look like giving birth.

“But when we got home, Jessica made it clear something was happening and he was born within 10 minutes.”

“Luckily the doctor was on call, because we didn’t have time to go anywhere else.

“He did a marvellous job.

“And," she added, “it all turned out for the best.

“The family was there and it was just a beautiful moment for us to experience.

“It’s my first grand child.”

“And my first great grandchild,” Betty added, describing the birth as “the greatest moment of my life, but talk to Jessica. She did it all.”

“This is our first Queenslander. The rest of us are from New South Wales,” she told the paper at Gympie Hospital yesterday.

“So we had to get him something maroon.”

But Bailey’s rapid entrance into the world does not mean it all went exactly smoothly.

AT Dr David Smith’s surgery, things were a little chaotic at first.

“He had to find the clamp for the umbilical cord. He hadn’t delivered a baby in 20 years.

“Even his wife came down and helped. It was like we’d known her forever.

“And the family was there, so it was a wonderful occasion.

“I felt good for the doctor too. It shows he never lost his touch.”

Jessica is now recovering in Gympie Hospital after a rapid but stressful birth which resulted in considerable bleeding.

“My blood haemoglobin is supposed to be 110. Yesterday it was 60 and today it’s come back up to 73, so I’m getting back to normal,” she said as she cradled her first child.

“He’s the spitting image of Jessica when she was that age,” Annette said.

“We’ve already got him a maroon jersey for next year’s State of Origin.”

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