Bailed teen stole lawyer's iPod

A TEENAGER who racked up a number of criminal charges before being taken into custody for breaking and entering was given bail on the strictest conditions - one of which was to be in the company of his father at all times.

But two days later, the 17-year-old was back in the lock-up for stealing an iPod from his solicitor’s office while he was there with his dad getting legal advice.

Jamie-Lee William Deacon was originally taken into custody on the morning of September 15 for the August 20 offences of breaking into St Vinnies staff room, stealing a purse and fraudulently using the credit card several times. He was also charged for obstructing police the day he was arrested.

The court heard Deakon committed these offences while on bail for attempting to break into the Gympie Football clubhouse on August 13 and 15, for committing a public nuisance on Gympie’s Southside on August 8 and breaking into Albert Bowls Club to steal alcohol and keys on August 29.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin granted Deakon bail again with strict residential, reporting and curfew conditions, and based her decision on the fact that Deakon’s father promised to keep a constant eye on him.

Two days later, during a visit with his lawyer, he stole an iPod that had been left unattended.

Deakon, of Wilbraham Road, Gympie, was taken into custody that day and spent five nights in custody before pleading guilty to all charges on Wednesday.

He was placed on probation for the St Vinnies’ offences and for obstructing police. For attempting to break into the Gympie Football Club and committing a public nuisance he was ordered to complete 110 hours of community service and for stealing the iPod he was sentenced to one month in jail suspended for 12 months.

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