Bail on one day jail next

TWO men accused of breaking into the Mary Valley Heritage Railway on Wednesday night were arrested Thursday morning, given bail in Gympie Magistrates Court later that day but were back in custody on Friday.

Laurence John Betts, 19, of Tin Can Bay Road, Goomboorian and William John Dickson, 21, of Bruce Highway, Gympie, were both charged with breaking and entering to commit an indictable offence on August 12.

They were granted bail with residential and curfew conditions and when police checked up on them later that night Betts and Dickson were elsewhere. Betts was found at a friend’s house and Dickson at the Gympie RSL.

Betts appeared distraught in the courthouse dock, pacing back and forth crying. “Please...” he begged the magistrate to let him out on bail for the second day in a row.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said it would be wise for Betts to wait until there was a lawyer on court duty to make the bail application for him because he only had one chance.

“You haven’t got a hope in hell,” she said and listed a number of convictions on his criminal history for breaching bail and failing to appear in court.

“Every time you’re told to do something...”

Betts interrupted Mrs Baldwin as he did numerous times pleading to be released.

“Why can’t I just try?”

“You can — tell me why you should,” Mrs Baldwin said making it very clear that she would reject his application on the grounds that he could not prove he had good reason to disobey the court.

The court heard all Betts wanted was a cigarette and was happy to serve time in custody as long as it wasn’t in the watchhouse.

It was decided Betts would be sentenced to one month in jail for the breach of bail offence, with release on parole after serving 12 days in custody.

He was remanded on the break and enter offences until Monday, August 23. Dickson’s matters were adjourned until Monday.

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