Gympie journalist Arthur Gorrie.
Gympie journalist Arthur Gorrie. Patrick Woods

Back to school councillor - and earn your money

EVERYONE complains about politicians' wages, but allow me to disagree.

This is all my opinion and nothing more, but politicians who actually do their jobs are worth every penny.

Where I agree with the majority is that this endorsement only applies to politicians who are actually doing their jobs.

The sad thing is so few of them even seem to know what their jobs are.

Ministers and councillors are there to hold the bureaucrats to account and to represent us. They are supposed to make decisions and the bureaucrats are supposed to do what they are told. This is a process known as democracy. It requires diligence and courage.

Much easier though to just leave it all to staff and have an easy life.

We are told that councillors cost us $655,000 a year, little enough if they were representing us.

But if councillors were doing that, I suggest the Widgee Engineering episode would have been very different, the Pye family would not have been nearly bankrupted over a non-conforming sign (while others seem to get away with much worse), a minor subdivision along a road at Mothar Mountain would have been approved without court.

Common sense would more often prevail.

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