Back before the magistrate

ARRESTED on a warrant for failing to provide his fingerprints, Nathan Kyle Lumsden, appeared in the Gympie Magistrates Court dock to deal with minor charges. Lumsden, 18, had been on bail since July 17 when he was charged with urinating in Mary Street.

He was given a notice to provide his identification to the police station within seven days. When he didn’t, a warrant was issued for his arrest. The court heard Lumsden completed an intensive corrections order (ICO) and had 15 months left to go on a suspended sentence for prior convictions of assault occasioning bodily harm while in company. Lumsden and two other teenagers assaulted three men in June last year.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said Lumsden was lucky the recent charges didn’t breach his suspended sentence and congratulated him on completing nine months of an ICO without a hitch. Lumsden, of Rifle Range Road, Gympie, was fined $200 for both offences.

In another matter before the court, repeat unlicensed driver Bianca Lee Griggs said she didn’t know her licence needed renewing after her disqualification period was over. She was charged for driving unlicensed again on July 26.

“When I lost my licence (for driving while SPER suspended) the judge didn’t tell me I had to renew it so I thought I (automatically) had it back (when the month was up),” she explained to Magistrate Maxine Baldwin.

Mrs Baldwin said while she took the time to make sure defendants were aware of the process, many magistrates were too busy to remind everyone. She said because Griggs, 20, was charged with repeat-unlicensed driving it was mandatory for her licence to be disqualified for one month. Griggs, of Maryanne Court, Point Vernon, was also fined $100.

“It’s Murphy’s Law,” Mrs Baldwin told a demerit point—suspended driver in court. “You’ll never be stopped by police when you have a licence, as soon as you lose it, you’re on the radar.” Clifford Colin Johnson, 25, of Sunshine Road, Wolvi, had his licence disqualified for six months and was fined $600 for driving while his licence was suspended. That offence took place in Gympie on June 30.

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