Baby in swiftwater rescue north of Dalby

A FOUR-month-old baby was involved in a swiftwater rescue from floodwaters at the weekend.

The baby, its father and grandfather went for a drive on Saturday morning about 9.30am from Dalby north to Jimbour to inspect a property but were caught out by rapidly rising floodwaters.

Dalby SES deputy controller Jane Holdsworth said they had only planned to do a quick trip but were stranded when the waters rose within 15 minutes, trapping them on the other side of the Jimbour-Bell Rd.

Ms Holdsworth said the rescue went as well as it could have, and everyone was safe.

The trio were stranded for about three hours. They were in no immediate danger, but the baby had no food and they were rescued by three SES workers who deployed the boat from Dalby.

"It was all good, but the mother and grandmother were extremely concerned," she said.

"It's not about the thanks. It's what we do. The rescue guys did a great job."

USC Gympie numbers on the rise

USC Gympie numbers on the rise

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