PRECIOUS MOMENT: Steve Burnett cuddles his wife Katie as they welcome Josie into the world.
PRECIOUS MOMENT: Steve Burnett cuddles his wife Katie as they welcome Josie into the world. Welcome Earthside Photography

Push harder and smile for the camera!

THE second your baby enters the world, dad's angst, mum's relief and then the joy on their faces as they see her for the first time - the birth of a child is the greatest time of your life, but often these moments go un-noticed.

There's a new wave of Ipswich mums hiring professional photographers to capture this experience from the moment they enter the delivery room.

Welcome Earthside birth photographer Carmel Vaughan was on standby for four weeks waiting for the call from expecting parents Katie and Steve Burnett to tell her their baby was on the way.

Ms Vaughan was by their side to document Mrs Burnett's unplanned c-section - from arriving at Wesley Hospital to meeting their first born Josie, now eight weeks old.

"For me these are far more significant than our wedding photographs," Mr Burnett said.

"The wedding photographs were all contrived, everyone stand here and pose type of thing, but in these you are seeing your greatest achievement being born.

"We looked at our wedding photos a few times, whereas I look at these photos everyday. It was an emotion charged 15 minutes because you are so unsure about what's going to happen. The photos capture the anxiousness, the nervousness, the excitement and the shock.

The Karalee couple now have an album of 170 precious photos detailing Josie's birth over a space of three hours. "I was so devastated to have the c-section when we found out Josie was breech. But having these photos now makes it so special.

"It's such an emotional time as a mother that you don't really remember everything specifically because you are so overwhelmed.

"Looking back at the photos makes you remember everything again. There was quite a lot of stuff I couldn't see lying in the bed, but with the photos I can see everything as it unfolded."

Birth photography is hugely popular in America. Now Ipswich photographers Welcome Earthside are seeing a surge of to-be parents seeking them to chronicle the rite of passage.

"The really important moments are the moments they are not thinking about, like capturing their smiles when they see the baby for the first time," Ms Vaughan said.

"They as parents are too involved in the process to notice. It's all about telling a story and capturing all the little details. It's a beautiful experience."

Welcome Earthside wait on call two weeks before and two weeks after your due date.

"You have to be prepared," Ms Vaughan said.

"You don't know if you will get the call at 2am in the morning and you might be at the hospital for 72 hours, you never know.

"You are full of adrenalin - someone is having a baby it's great."

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