Australians want tougher action against terrorism: study

ALMOST three-quarters of Australians are concerned about the possible rise of Islamist extremism in Australia, while almost the same number don't want Muslims in Australia to face more scrutiny as a result.

The poll from Australian National University also found 80% of Australians support or strongly support border control measures as a way to protect us from extremism.

And 85% felt Australians with dual citizenships should have their Australian citizenship cancelled if involved with terrorist activities, but such decisions ought to be made by the court, not politicians.

ANU's Professor Amin Saikal, who heads its Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, said most Australians were prepared to give up personal rights if it keeps them secure.

He said most Australians were not clear on the difference between terrorism and extremism, or the differences between 'Islamic', 'Islamist' and 'Islamism', as even politicians use them as though they mean the same thing.

Check out the fuller results below:


56% say the government should be doing more to stop terror attacks

36% believe the government is doing all it can

8% say the government has done too much

67% support the government collecting 'metadata'

59% believe counter-terrorism policies target Muslims. 46% are bothered about that.

80% support currently strong border control measures

Read more of the findings here

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