Australians to still attend games

PEOPLE in Gympie’s Mary Street yesterday were in two minds about whether Australians should attend the Commonwealth Games amid safety fears.

Some thought the terror threat was too great and Australian athletes shouldn’t be travelling to India for the games.

Yesterday Gympie Mayor Ron Dyne said he had faith in the Federal Government’s experts.

“If the Commonwealth Government recommends the security is adequate then it should be,” Cr Dyne said.

He said people wouldn’t do anything if they were constantly worrying about what could happen.

Federal Member for Wide Bay Warren Truss agreed saying there were dangers and risks inherent in any travel and at any major sporing event.

“I think the athletes should go unless there is specific advice that that the danger is extreme.

“If teams were to pull out in the absence of that advice it would be a significant victory for terrorists and a major blow to the ambitions of many countries that host these events in the future,” he said.

Australia has committed to attending the games even though security concerns were raised by the Seven Network, which filmed explosives being sold from illegal shopfronts in New Delhi just weeks before the Commonwealth Games are due to begin in the Indian capital.

The news crew secretly filmed the sale of ammonium nitrate and a range of other explosives, in a report shown on its news broadcast last Monday night.

They filmed a salesman offering them a remote detonation kit, which could trigger up to 200 explosions, in a restaurant car park. The kit was built into a rolling suitcase.

Seven says it took the suitcase casing and repeatedly breezed past armed police security at the main arena for the Commonwealth Games.

Ammonium nitrate was the explosive used by in the 2002 Bali bombing and in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Security concerns surrounding the Games, starting on October 3, were heightened by a recent attack on tourists.

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