Australian celebs we love to hate

SCANDALS, damned scandals and now even statistics have declared Kyle Sandilands to be the least popular Australian personality. Yet we still listen.

Brynne Edelsten, Alan Jones, Alex Perry. They are one-and-all officially 'hated' according to a new celebrity rating system, yet these celebrities keep getting shows ... and they keep rating.

Encore Magazine announced the results of their first ever Encore Score, an on air talent ranking system similar to the famed Q Scores, at the Mumbrella360 conference on Wednesday. Hugh Jackman was rated the most popular Australian personality by a considerable margin, while Kyle Sandilands was even less-surprisingly, the least popular.

The survey sampled 2965 people. Respondents were asked which of a list of 100 (from a list of 738) personalities they recognised and how much they liked or hated each one. Yet the results are more likely to be used by advertisers than programmers.

According to respondents, the second most "hated" Australian personality is Matthew Newton, the son of Bert and Patti who has, like Sandilands, been at the centre of a series of negative news stories over the last year.

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