Aussies over political war: survey

AUSTRALIANS are sick of the unending political war over climate change and the carbon tax, results from a survey by the Climate Institute revealed on Tuesday.

About 69% of the 1131 people surveyed for the institute's Climate of the Nation 2012 report believe climate change was, at least partly, caused by human activity.

But the report also found 66% of those surveyed thought there were too many conflicting opinions about climate changes to be sure about its causes.

Institute chief executive John Connor said party politics and cost scares relating to the carbon tax had taken their toll on the public.

"One thing that's clear is that Australians' vision for a low-carbon future is one that taps into the nation's abundant renewable energy resource," he said.

"There is overwhelming support for renewables, especially solar and wind, as well as energy efficiency measures for industry and households with coal less popular than nuclear in the ideal energy mix."

Key findings:

64% agree climate change is real, while 19% unsure.
54% were concerned about climate change, while 10% see no need for action
28% support the carbon tax, while 52% oppose it.
66% think there are too many conflicting opinions to be sure

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