Aussie TV feud nobody knew about


Heartbreak High was one of the most popular televisions shows in Australia during its time.

Now, it has been revealed that one of its biggest stars Rel Hunt had an explosive on-set feud with co-star Callan Mulvey.

The pair played friends/rivals Ryan Scheppers and Bodgan 'Draz' Drazic on the show, but reportedly really "hated" each other.

"We had fight scenes where we were throwing each other and I guarantee you there were times when my fist was clenched when I was hitting him. And same, he would hit me too. We hated each other," Rel, 46, told WHO.

"He'd know what p***d me off and I'd know what would p**s him off and you use that in a scene and it would flare up," he said.


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Hunt also revealed that he had a secret crush on his co-star Ada Nicodemou, but it wasn't reciprocated.

"I had a thing for Ada Nicodemou but she didn't want a bar of me," he revealed.

Hunt starred on the show from 1996 to 1997, while Mulvey appeared on the series from 1997 to 1999.

The news comes after Netflix commissioned eight new episodes of the series to be filmed in NSW, but it won't debut until 2022.

It's not yet clear if the new iteration of Heartbreak High will be a remake, reboot or continuation of the original series. No casting decisions have been made.

The Australian high school series was a mainstay of the 1990s, a soapy drama for lovelorn teens and youngsters who tuned into the stories of kids who had way more interesting lives than their own.


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It ran for more than 200 episodes from 1994 until 1999, first on Channel 10 and then on ABC. Its first few seasons starred Alex Dimitriades and Abi Tucker and later cast members such as Callan Mulvey and Lara Cox became local teen icons.

The original series just hit Netflix's library, whetting the appetite for a new instalment.

Netflix director of originals in Australia, Que Minh Luu, said in a statement: "We haven't had rebellious Australian YA series on screen since the original Heartbreak High, so this is well overdue.

"The new Heartbreak High is for young people in Australia today to feel seen - showcasing their stories, senses of humour and aesthetics to the world, and reminding everyone that they are much, much cooler than us.

"It's also for the '90s kids, fans of the original series who remember what it's like to feel understood by a TV show, then racking off.

"This Netflix show will be ours, and we can't wait to get started."

The new series is being produced by Fremantle Australia and Dutch production company NewBe.

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