Aussie road rules baffle tourist

KOREAN visitor Meehui Chang, said she was confused about Australian road rules when police stopped her from driving down the wrong side of the road on December 19.

Officers had just pulled out of the police station and were waiting to turn into Henry Street when they were blocked by Chang, who was coming out of Henry Street on the wrong side of the road.

They said Chang, 27, crossed over to Channon Street and travelled down towards the Mary Street intersection on the wrong side of the road.

She was stopped and breathalysed, recording an illegal blood alcohol concentration of .107 per cent.

Chang told Gympie Magistrates Court she had taken medicine for an ailment before drinking two bottles of beer that day.

The court heard Chang was in Gympie on a working holiday and the day of the offence was her first driving experience in Australia.

“While I can’t do anything with your Korean licence, I have to disqualify you from driving on Australian roads for four months,” Magistrate Baldwin said and fined Chang, of Vista Close, Southside, $500.

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