Attempted murder accused breached bail

A WOMAN charged with the attempted murder of a Gympie man on June 23 and later released on bail appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday charged with breaching one of those bail conditions.

Hazel Marie Chilly, 35, of Tin Can Bay, Goomboorian, had been in custody since Saturday for failing to report to Gympie Police Station on July 7.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns told the court that Chilly had “presented herself” the following day.

“The good thing about this is that she consulted her solicitor as soon as she realised she had not reported,” Chilly’s solicitor Mark Oliver said.

He went on to say his client had been “severely assaulted” about June 23 and “she may be suffering some memory loss, although I have no medical evidence to support that”.

Mr Oliver submitted that his client’s punishment be that she had been in custody since Saturday and argued that if she was not released she “could be in custody for the next one to one-and-a-half years until the matter comes before the Supreme Court”.

“I’m inclined to give her bail again,” Magistrate John Parker said. “But I’m running out of patience with you,” he told Chilly.

“I gave you bail and you were back one hour later to change your address and now you have not reported.

“These are very serious matters you are charged with – it’s Supreme Court stuff.

“If you’re not going to abide by the law, you will stay in custody.”

“I will tattoo it on myself,” Chilly said from the dock.

In a separate incident, a 20-year-old man who faced a number of charges was remanded in custody until sentencing by video link on July 20.

Kiel Richards was charged with stealing a shirt on May 10, stealing a remote helicopter and two remote units on May 17, stealing a remote helicopter on May 3 from Corbet Enterprises, entering a dwelling and stealing money on June 16, wilful damage to railway carriages on June 13, enter the premises of the MVHR and graffiti a wall on June 13, more graffiti and damage to a wooden sign on June 13, wilful damage to a wooden bench seat on June 13 and wilful damage to a watch house cell on July 7.

Solicitor for Richards Corey Jenkins told the court his client would not be applying for bail and was already on parole.

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