Vic Summers, 93, is back woodchopping after retiring at least five times.
Vic Summers, 93, is back woodchopping after retiring at least five times. Craig Warhurst

At 93, Vic is still chopping

NINETY-three-year-old wood chopping legend Vic Summers was blowing hard after finishing the under-hand chop on Friday morning but he was still making no new plans for retirement.

By his own admission Summers has retired from the sport five times, but keeps getting lured back to the chopping arena because he loves it so much.

The former world champion finished last yesterday.

He said he had been doing better in practice.

"I didn't cut as good as I had been," Summers said.

"I don't know if it was the nerves or if the wood was harder."

Despite the loss, Summers was making no hard and fast plans about his future chopping career.

"I might saw, I might train up again and then again I might not wake up tomorrow," Summers said.

"I turn 94 this year, a friend of mine (Percy Ward) died last night he was 93.

"I have to look after myself.

"I visit a woman in a home (old peoples) and I see a lot not my age."

Vic Summers wasn't the only veteran showing the young choppers how to cut wood yesterday.

Ian McGinniss travelled all the way form Port Arthur in Tasmania to compete at the Gympie Show.

McGinniss is 11 years younger than Summers but at 82 he is still a marvel.

Despite needing a walking stick to help get into the chopping arena, McGinniss still swung the axe like a champion.

He said he wasn't feeling too well after the chop but still managed to finish third.

Queensland Axeman Association secretary Allan Draper said he was really happy with the field of axeman at the Gympie Show.

He said they had more than 30 competitors and some top axeman including Josh Adamson who placed third at a recent world title chop in Sydney.

Chopping results in next weeks The Gympie Times

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