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Assault witness says Victoria Park a ‘crime magnet’

A PRATTEN St resident who witnessed a man being beaten in Victoria Park has described the park as a 'magnet for crime'.

On Tuesday night, the man and his family were awakened by loud screams and cries for help coming from the park.

Thinking that it may have been someone being raped, the resident raced to the area opposite the entrance to the Warwick Hospital - stumbling upon a young man being kicked and punched.

"When I got there this guy was kicking him in the head - there was blood, fluid coming out of his ears," the witness said.

"I sat there and talked to him and kept him awake until the police and ambos arrived."

The 22-year-old victim received multiple minor injuries in the alleged assault.

Warwick police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Jamie Deacon said investigations into the incident were continuing.

"The victim says he was king hit and then he was kicked in the head after falling to the ground," he said.

"He did not see the assailant prior to the assault."

Residents in the area say it's not the first time Victoria Park has been the scene of a crime, and they fear it's only a matter of time before something more serious happens.

In the past few months, nearby resident Tracy Devine said she has called the police no fewer than six times.

"The park is a magnet for trouble," she said.

"The park is pitch black - you can't see anything, it needs lights."

The long-time Pratten St resident said hoons, loud parties and suspicious behaviour in the park were becoming way too common.

"I was so terrified on Tuesday night - shaking scared," she said.

"That poor man - he could have been killed or brain damaged

"That could have been anybody's kid - I'm mortified by it."

Snr Sgt Deacon said while police conducted regular areas of the Warwick township, including Victoria Park, they couldn't be everywhere.

"We ask members of the public to report all offences to us," he said.

"If members of the public see something suspicious, they should call police so we can stop it."

No charges have been laid in relation to Tuesday night's incident.

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