Ron Owen
Ron Owen

Animal Liberationists pick on ‘wrong people’

YOU may not be able to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear, but you can make a steel safe out of a big one.

The biggest pig's ear from this month's Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships, from October 23 to 26, will win a prize of a gun safe, donated by MP David Gibson.

There is only one big problem, however, organiser Ron Owen says.

People he claims are animal liberationists are picking on the event.

And they are picking on the wrong people by trying to sabotage it, he says.

Mr Owen says 1080 baiting is much more cruel and indiscriminate than shooting.

And baiting is the alternative for controlling Australia's estimated 25 million feral pigs.

Any profits from the event will go to a good cause, the Wandering Warriors group which raises money for veterans and their families.

"But we'll be back bigger and better," he said yesterday, after alleged antagonists stole a large $400 sign used to promote the event.

"There'll be two 6m banners now, not just one, and they'll be fastened with steel rope and locks.

"You can't bow down to this sort of thing," he said.

Mr Owen says he has had computer experts trace back some of the abusive emails he has received recently and this is the basis of his claim that some supporters of the animal liberation movement are involved.

"Ultimately the people they are hurting are not the shooters, they are the Wandering Warriors, a totally voluntary (no paid positions) creation of the SAS Association." And he says there is nothing environmentally- sound about allowing Australia to be over-run by pigs.

"They're a disaster."

He says the Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships, to be held in the near Gympie area between October 23 and 26 already has 307 nominations and is offering $20,000 in prizes.

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