Angry driver throws ‘old’ milkshake at car in road rage

A TOOWOOMBA woman feared for her life when she was tailed by an angry motorist who she earlier cut-off.

She's now calling for drivers to control their tempers after road incidents.

Larissa Berry was driving on Anzac Ave near Bunnings Warehouse on Thursday when she, in her own words "cut someone off by accident".

"I checked to go and saw there was no cars so I merged over to the next lane, but he must have crept up," she said.

But it was what the driver did next that shocked her.

She said the male driver and his female passenger started gesturing for her to pull over.

After she declined to do so, she alleges the driver overtook her before slamming on his brakes.

"I had to stop my car, then they got out in the middle of the road and came over to my car.

"I went around them when there were no cars coming.

"They jumped back in the car and followed me.

"I turned a corner where I wasn't meant to go. I was worried they were going to bash me," she said.

She readied her phone to record the angry motorists as she stopped at a red light.

Ms Berry said they drove past, rudely gesturing and flung a milkshake which she described as "very old".

It was her first experience of road rage in Toowoomba, but she said it was a problem.

"I think people need to cool down a bit and not take everything seriously. Accidents happen."

Ms Berry said she did not report the incident to police as she was not able to record the car's number plate.

A spokeswoman from Toowoomba Police said drivers should report any incidents of road rage to Policelink on 131 444.

"If you're in danger drive to a police station or a place of safety, otherwise pull over and let them go past," the spokeswoman said.

Road safety group RACQ's advice to motorists for avoiding road rage is to remain calm and relaxed.

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