Warnings of mower related injuries

GYMPIE Ambulance Officer in Charge Wayne Sachs is warning Gympie residents to be wary of the dangers of mowing lawns.

He said the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) was urging people to take care of themselves and their family while maintaining lawns, as a link between a large amount of lawn growth and mower accidents has been found.

Recent above average rainfall and warm weather has guaranteed lawns will be high, but Mr Sachs said, so will the dangers of mower related injuries.

“Mowers are a common piece of machinery in every household but can be lethal when used incorrectly or carelessly,” he said.

“Every year QAS Paramedics treat numerous people for injuries ranging from deep cuts to amputated limbs caused by lawnmowers.

“We have even been called to jobs where people, often children, have died after being run down by a ride-on mower. This is why we’re asking people to take a few simple steps when mowing.

Mr Sachs said the most common injury relating to mowers was the loss of fingers and toes.

First and foremost, especially those on ride on mowers, ensure no children or other family members are nearby – especially when reversing.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your pets when mowing, especially reversing.

Always wear strong footwear;

If you’re on a ride-on mower, don’t use it on steep inclines to ensure it doesn’t roll on you;

Keep your hands away from the blades;

Always wear eye and ear protection, especially while using brush cutters;

Walk over your yard before you mow to check for rocks and kid’s toys.

Mower blades spinning at 3500rpm can shoot missiles out at hundreds of kilometres per hour and

Be sun smart by remembering to slip, slop, slap.

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